Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CHEAP USB Extension cable for the ASUS Transformer

The usb cable supplied with the ASUS Transformer is very short . Ive found that in order to use an extension cable you need to have a USB 3 spec cable.

Easily found on Amazon I got this one(2M USB 3.0 Extension Cable, Blue) for £3.39 delivered and it works a treat. One end in the power pack and one end connected to the ASUS USB cable and..... Bob's yer uncle and Fanny's yer Aunt.

EUREKA......A spare cable and power pack for the ASUS Transformer.

Great news , Asus are finally stocking spare connector and power pack for the ASUS Transformer. Price is £25.99 if you use the code SUMMERSALE which gives £5 off. Thanks to the guys on the MoDaCo forums for posting this info.

Its a real relief to have the connector as it means that a possible point of failure , the breaking or loss of the cable could
have bricked the tablet , has gone away.

The spares can be found at this link to  the ASUS site