Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Problem Connector : The curse of the ASUS Transformer.

The picture shows the proprietary connector used to charge the tablet and the keyboard. The tablet and the keyboard each have a socket to receive the connector and so can be charged individually or as a unit. News flash 24th August 2011 Asus are stocking the power pack and spare cable I received one today see post below
UNDERSTAND THIS matey, it is not possible to charge the tablet using USB slots contained on the keyboard dock . The only way to charge the tablet or the keyboard is to use this special cable. Let me put a simple way if you lose, or if you break, that cable you are well and truly STUFFED.

I cannot find a source for a replacement cable.

This worries me I have a £429 device which relies on the cable which should cost £10. By making this unique connector ASUS have introduced a failure point which gives people a good reason not to buy the device.

This is where the iPad wins, because the android market for devices is not standardised individual manufacturers are free to include their own skins for the android software and their own connectors and accessories. The sales figures for Android device may have overtaken iPads but  the sales figures of individual devices have not. We have a series of mini markets within the maxi market of android devices. The Ipad is a single device, same interfaces, same ports ,same connectors and therefore a flourishing market for third-party accessories. ( another article bemoaning the fragmentation of the android market is here)
It doesn't help that the Asus transformer has had initial supply problems and so the number of units sold are really relatively low-level.  I  really hope that our friends in China believe that the volume of Transformers in the market is large enough for them to manufacture third-party replacement connector  for the for the ASUS transformer . Until then guard this piddly little connector with your life.

Oh and by the way the charging device is also special as it puts out 15 V, you need to source a USB 3 charger ,as the normal wall chargers don't work( Forum link)


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  1. There was really no need for Asus to introduce a proprietary power connector for this. What would have been wrong with a standard mini/microUSB charger? It's just price gouging, they know they can control the licensing and get extra money for the chargers. Shame they are following Apple's lead rather than going down the open/compatibility route.